Board of Proctors

Board of Proctors

SBCET/17/                                                                                                                       Date : 22-07-2017


Board of Proctors


Board of Proctors is constituted for smooth conduct of administration for the academic year 2017-18. Following are the members of the Board:


1.   Dr. Manoj Kumar Choudhary                            -        Chief Proctor

2.   Mr. Dewa Ram Kumawat (ME)               -        Proctor

3.   Mr. Mayank Ranjan (EE)                          -        Proctor

4.   Mr. Zuber Ahmed (CE)                                      -        Proctor

5.   Mr. Rupesh Sharma (Physics)                -        Proctor

They shall be entitles for honorarium as per norms.




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